Excellent forum to meet peers from the DSO scene in Europe for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices in the field of telecommunications for power distribution grids.
Jürgen Tusch, Head of Telecoms – Innogy

A great opportunity to meet utilities from all over Europe, and to hear about their plans to upgrade their networks to support packet based services. Interesting to see different migration strategies and how utilities adapted to that. The conference was very well organized. Exactly according to plan. High quality presentations which fully covered the different challenges in the industry.
Børre Jensen, Manager of Network Department – BKK Fibre

It was a great conference since the most relevant and challenging areas for many energy utilities were thoroughly addressed. We came home with great insights!
Nuno Medeiros, ICS and Smart Grids Security Officer – EDP Distribution 

“A very worthwhile and valuable event. It was well run, and it has allowed me to learn and share my knowledge, and develop networking.”
Pedro Gama, Head of SCADA and Telecom Department – EDP Distributio

The excellent preparation of the event created the best conditions for sharing experiences, benchmarking and networking.
Rui Franco, Managing Director – REN TELECOM

Once again Phoenix Forums presented a high-quality conference focused on one of the most important challenges for utilities. Throughout, an excellent blend of conference, workshops, exhibitions and networking, that were highly successfully driven, forward looking, with open discussions participated by all participants.
Aurelio Blanquet, Head of SCADA and Telecom Department – EDP Distribution

This event has helped with an interactive approach to the solutions used or available to leverage an effective and reliable implementation.
Jamie Nogueira, Project Manager – EDP Distribution

“Great place to see what companies do and how they think about future challenges. Also, the tele-protection in MPLS network was very useful and the tests and experience.
Denis Anusic, System Engineer – E.ON

Great focus. For the first time a conference focused on packet technology in the utility.
Dominique Verhulst, Head of Business Development for IP Division – Alcatel-Lucent

“Thanks for inviting Cisco, it was a good use of my time and Cisco resources. The quality of the attendees and overall participants was very good, allowing me to have multiple relevant conversations and sharing of ideas with many Power Utilities across Europe.”
Paulo Pereira, Consulting Systems Engineer, Internet of Things Cisco

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